Monday, September 28, 2009

Resource Cards: Weapons

I have been working on this sheet of weapon resource cards over the last several days. Here it is, as a work-in-progress. I am happy with about 80% of what appears on this resource card sheet, but there are a couple of images that seem a little light or grainy.

Additionally, there probably need to be more swords. I only have one bastard sword and one great sword on this sheet, while there are three maces. Since I intend to do at least one more weapon sheet, I will need to balance out the weapon selections between that and this sheet.


Rusty said...

Very pretty and very useful.

Aaron E. Steele said...

Once I get a couple more done I will try to publish them as a free download, for those who think this might be a useful resource in their games. I'd be interested to hear what I have missed.

Unknown said...

This looks great, and a very good idea.