Sunday, October 20, 2013

Settling Into The New House

I intended to publish this post several weeks ago, but things have been extraordinarily busy.  There's no particular value in subjecting you to the mundane details behind the posting delay, and we have not yet fully unpacked, but let me share a few pictures of the new house, now that we have finally moved from Calgary to Edmonton (well, to St. Albert, more precisely).

The front entrance, as seen from the second floor

The back deck and back yard
The family room, with windows facing the back yard
The main floor sitting room, at the front of the house
The dining room, as seen from the sitting room
The kitchen, with a very 80's dropped ceiling
The second floor sitting room and library (Master bedroom to the left)
The master bedroom...
...and Master bathroom
One of two second floor bedrooms
Part of the basement media room, needs some built-in bookshelves
Basement bedroom

Everyone's settling in nicely, the kids are enjoying their new schools, making friends, and looking forward to Halloween.  Now comes the hard part, making gamers of our neighbors!