Saturday, November 7, 2015

Fighting Fantasy Kickstarter And Otherworld Digital Miniatures

I haven't supported kickstarter projects in nearly 18 months.  One of the last I supported was Darkest Dungeon, a video game that recreates, in large measure, the feel of the Torchbearer RPG.  There have been few projects since then that have attracted my interest.

The new Warlock of Firetop Mountain kickstarter has me intrigued.  The video game itself looks like a bit of retro-fun, and is a digital re-imagining of the first Fighting Fantasy choose-your-adventure gamebook.

What really got me excited was the partnership with Otherworld Miniatures.  It appears that the video game designers have digitized the amazing line of Otherworld Miniatures and are using them as 3D representations of the characters and monsters in the video game.

I'm a big fan of the Otherworld Miniatures line, and this may be the factor that leads me to back this kickstarter project.  I'd love to see a stretch goal where backers could purchase the set of miniatures that were digitized for the video game.