Friday, September 4, 2009

Gems As Currency

I mentioned earlier that gems and jewelry are two resources I would like to model, in resource card form. I was reminded by a friend that there are some gems and or jewelry cards in the Paizo decks.

Fair enough. What I am after, though, are gems and jewelry cards that effectively act as currency in the D&D game. For those of you who remember the gems and jewelry tables from the original AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide, those had 50 or more specific gems, along with the range of gp values for each of those gems.

The jewelry table was somewhat less useful, but still, gave you some general descriptions of various pieces of jewelry, and the range of what those might be worth.

My goal is to model specific gems (ie. Diamonds, Rubies, Agate and so on) in card form, to reduce the "level of abstraction" that would otherwise be applied if you simply used cards labelled "gem", or "jewelry". Then, I want to apply certain values to those gems, so that the players carry around more gems and jewelry, as currency, rather than coins.

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