Sunday, September 20, 2009

Magic Weapons: Truesteel

Any discussion of Truesteel, amongst Magic Realm players, is bound to elicit one of three responses.

(1) It will provoke a lengthy reminiscence of "where were you when you first discovered Truesteel?"

(2) Tears will well up in the eyes of those players who actually found this magic sword.

(3) Players will tell a wistful tale of discovering the Enchanted Meadow (within which Truesteel rests) and spending the rest of the game in a fruitless attempt to locate this sword.

By now, you have got to be thinking that Magic Realm players are nuts. Think of it this way. The D&D equivalent of Truesteel is the best sword in the game. It's the equivalent of the holy avenger, vorpal blade, red dragon slayer, and every other ultimate D&D sword you can think of, all wrapped into a small cardboard chit with orange ink and strange black symbols. This is Magic Realm's excalibur.

It's more than that, though. Any D&D magic sword (even the most powerful variety) is doled out by DM fiat. If you have a generous DM, you may come into possession of one of those D&D magic swords. In addition, there could be any number of other powerful magic swords in your DM's D&D campaign, so finding the holy avenger does not preclude your discovering a vorpal blade, or a sword +10, god-killer, for that matter.

In Magic Realm, Truesteel is it. There's no better sword out there. And there's no DM fiat to obtain it. In Magic Realm, since there is no DM, you have to obtain this sword on your own, no hints, no help, no fudged dice rolls. As they say, by the sweat of your brow and the strength of your heart.

Sure, there are several other powerful swords in Magic Realm.

Bane, the greatsword.

Devil sword, which only the purest and heartiest of characters dare wield.

Living sword, which dances in the hands of the nimbler characters.

Awesome swords, all.

But for pure killing power, in the hands of a broad spectrum of Magic Realm characters, nothing compares to Truesteel.


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Mark said...


In the hands of the Pilgrim, Truesteel is especially deadly. He can swing it with his M2** fight chit taking out H armored or T unarmored foes at breathtaking speeds or overswing with his H4* fight chit to take out Tremendous armored monsters.