Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Fantasy Trip: Wizard

The Fantasy Trip: Wizard, was published in 1978. It was the sixth game in the Microgame line of products, produced by the long-defunct Metagaming company.

I have fond memories of The Fantasy Trip, and the Metagaming products. If you are feeling nostalgic, take a quick tour of the Microgames Museum. They have a comprehensive image library of all of the microgames ever produced, whether it be by Metagaming, TSR, or any of the other publishers that jumped into this market in the early 80's.

If you are feeling really nostalgic, and want to get that old TFT vibe, visit Dark City Games. Not only do they have some interesting new adventures, but they also have a free retro-clone called Legends of the Ancient World, available as a pdf document.

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