Saturday, September 5, 2009

Character Record Sheets

Would it be hyperbole to suggest that there are as many "perfect" D&D character record sheets as there are D&D players?

I have seen many character record sheet iterations over the years. All of them served the player (or DM) well. In my experience, as D&D has evolved, character record sheets have become more and more complicated. I recall one character record sheet that I used, back in the dark days of AD&D 2nd Edition, that was an 11x17 sheet, folded over to create a 4-page character record booklet. Talk about excessive!

My renewed interest in playing OD&D, and Matt Finch's Swords & Wizardry, inspired me to create a 4x6 character card (in the Swords & Wizardry rule set, they recommend using a 3x5 file card to record your character). We have used the 4x6 card in the last four games of OD&D, and it seems to be well-received. I only had enough room on the card for the universal save, I could not fit the traditional 5 saves scores on this size of card. I also designed two 5x8 cards, for players who "graduate" to 3rd level, one for spellcasters (who need more room for spells) and one for non-spell-casters (more room for equipment on that card).

Honestly, I tried to take the advice in Swords & Wizardry, and use a 3x5 card, but I could not squeeze all the information onto a card that small! If anyone has succeeded in doing so, I would be most interested to see that.


ze bulette said...

Here's a simple 3x5 S&W card I made a while back:

I use a Labyrinth Lord version of this but I blow it up about 117% or so and put it onto 4x6 index cards.

A Paladin In Citadel said...

Aha, you put the other stuff (possessions, class abilities and spells, and treasure and coins) on the back of the card.

That 3x5 card would actually work quite nicely, as I am trying to create resource cards for the items you are putting on the back of the card anyway!

Thanks for the link! Now if only I hadn't printed 50 of my 4x6 cards ...

Jay said...

I've thought about doing 'carded' character sheets too. This is a great solution!

Victor Raymond said...

Yes, keep the stuff that changes or gets added to significantly on the back of the 3x5 card. Supplies, spells, etc.

But I like the look of your 4x6 card - it's very cool!