Thursday, July 4, 2013

Magic Realm: Day 7

We come to day 7, which, after completed, will end our first week in the Magic Realm.  During the first six days, we travelled past the Dragon's Lair, and visited the Guardhouse and eliminated the three Guards and one of the Patrolmen decamped there, earning 33/60 of our required notoriety, and 21/30 of our required gold in the process.  We have yet to collect any of our 10 required fame, a deficiency we will correct once we go monster-hunting.

At the end of each week in the Magic Realm, a different colour of magic is present throughout the Realm.  In this case, Black and White magic is supplied on day 7.  That, of course, has no affect on the Black Knight, who is unable to cast magic spells.  I thought I would mention the availability of magic at the end of each week, since the presence of magic, on particular days, can be beneficial to those characters who do use magic.

Our plan for day 7 is for the Black Knight to loot the treasures lying about the Guardhouse.  Thus, we will record four search actions for the day.

Our prowling monster roll results in a 6: bats.  A roll of 6 also resets the Guard back to the Guardhouse.  We can look forward to their arrival at the end of the day.

We loot the Guardhouse four times and recover the following treasures:

While I'm not unhappy about obtaining the two axes and the broadsword, the Cloven Hoof is very disappointing.  The cloven hoof is perhaps the worst treasure in the game.  Its affect is that, while in the same clearing, you must add one to all rolls.  Low results are better than high results, so this treasure has a baleful effect on your adventuring.  The only characters that might find this treasure handy are the Magician, the Witch, and the Warlock.  It is worth 40 notoriety if kept.

Our plan for the Cloven Hoof will be to take it to another location on the board, and unceremoniously dump it.  We can't drop it at the Guardhouse, as its malevolence will continue to infect all of our rolls , even though we no longer possess it.

At the end of the day, a new squad of Guards arrive at the Guardhouse.  No doubt they heard rumors of butchery and are here to investigate.  The two members of the Patrol are still here, along with the other five unrecovered treasures.

Since we are unhidden, and there are three Guards, too many for the Black Knight to defeat, we run away during the combat encounter step, fatiguing one chit in the process, and ending the first week of play.

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