Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Magic Realm: Day 27

Only two days remain in our Magic Realm game.  The Black Knight has enjoyed a great deal of success during his forays in the Realm, finishing off and looting the Guards and the Patrol, trading with the Order, and looting the Dragon's Lair and Troll Vault.

He also recovered powerful treasures, defeated dangerous Monsters, suffered powerful curses, and satisfied his pre-selected victory conditions.

The Black Knight spent yesterday, and will spend the remaining two days in the Magic Realm heading towards the Chapel to have a Disgust curse removed (that curse prevents the Black Knight from benefiting from his accumulated Fame).

During day 27, the Black Knight will keep traveling towards the Chapel.  He will stop at the Enchanted Meadow along the way, briefly searching for the Truesteel Sword, the most powerful weapon in the Magic Realm. 

The Black Knight will need a search roll of 2 to discover the Truesteel sword: a 1 provides the magic pony, a 3 provides a wish, a 4 heals all of his fatigue and wounds, a 5 is a curse, and a 6 is no result.  Prior to recovering the Lucky Charm, searching at the site of the Enchanted Meadow would have been largely futile.  With the Lucky Charm, it is a far more profitable venture.

For day 27, the Black Knight records two moves, a search, another move, and a hide (courtesy of the Cloak Of Mist).

The monster roll for day 27 is a 5: Spiders.  The Black Knight can easily dispatch the Large Spider that will appear at the end of the day, using his original weapon, the Mace.

During the day, Black Knight moves twice, to the Enchanted Meadow, and performs a search, obtaining a result of 4, healing all wounds and fatigue. 

Therefore, all of the Black Knight's fatigued chits are instantly restored to active status, and he is once again hale and hearty.

The Black Knight moves again, and, with a hide roll of 2, is successfully hidden.  We could have used that roll of 2 at the Enchanted Meadow, as it would have provided us with the Truesteel Sword.

At the end of day 27, a Large Spider appears.  The Black Knight has no difficulty killing a single Large Spider, as long as he attacks from hiding, which he is doing. 

During yesterday's combat with the Giant, the Black Knight employed the Axe to good effect (as he should when facing the Giant).  Now, while hidden, the Black Knight activates his Mace, and stows the Axe.  He activates the Mace when fighting the Spider, because on the Mace's alerted side, it has a speed of 3, which undercuts the Spider's move speed of 4 (should it flip to it's deadlier attack).  And the Black Knight can play a slow, heavy chit with the alerted Mace in round 2 and still benefit from the Mace's speedy attack.

During the first combat round, the Black Knight's surprise attack misses, as he plays a slower FIGHT H6 chit with the unalerted Mace, and does not line up with the Spider's maneuver.  Because the Black Knight attacked the Spider while hidden, the Spider did not have the opportunity to counter-attack the Black Knight this round.  Since the Black Knight missed during round 1, his Mace is automatically alerted during round 2, so he can now take advantage of that speedier Mace attack.

The Black Knight vanquishes the Spider during combat round 2.  The Black Knight's Mace attack speed of 3 undercuts the Spider's move speed of 4.  Because the Black Knight wanted to finish off the Spider, he used his FIGHT H4** chit this round, which results in one point of fatigue, but also ensured that if the Black Knight missed, at least one more round of combat would be fought (combat ends after two successive rounds where no one is killed, wounded or fatigued).

As a result of that combat, the Black Knight is awarded another 3 Fame and 3 Notoriety for vanquishing the Large Spider.  That increases his total victory points to 67/10 Fame, 123/60 Notoriety, and 63/30 Gold.

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