Saturday, July 13, 2013

Magic Realm: Day 16 and 17

The Black Knight ended day 15 at the Guardhouse, having dispatched the Guard and the Patrol and recovered all but four treasures scattered about following those combats.  The Black Knight could stay and continue looting, but his chances of successfully looting are significantly diminished since there are so few treasures left, and at any rate, are of little value to the Black Knight.

Both day 16 and day 17 will be spent travelling to the Chapel, the residence of the Order.  The Order is a dangerous foe: fortunately, the Black Knight and the Order are indifferent to each other, and with the Black Knight's fearsome martial reputation, we would have to roll extremely poorly to find ourselves challenged to combat by them.

Each day we record a hide action and four move actions.  We can record an extra hide action each day, as we recovered and donned the Cloak Of Mist, which supplies us with an extra daily hide.

On day 16, our roll for prowling monsters is a 5: Spiders.  As we will start and end our turn in a valley, we are safe from prowling monsters.

Our hide is successful, with a roll of 1 and 5.  We use our four move actions, ending the day in clearing 4 of the Dark Valley.

We record the same actions for day 17.

Day 17's prowling monster roll is 6:  Bats.  We are safe from those Monsters as we will be ending our day in a Valley.

Our hide roll is 1 and 1, so we successfully hide, and use our four move actions to arrive at the Chapel.

As we have used all of our daily actions, we cannot trade with the Order today.  During the combat encounter step, at the end of the day, we roll a 4, so the Order does not confront the Black Knight (we would need a roll of 6 during the combat encounter step, and then 4-6, for the Order to seek battle with the Black Knight).

The Knights of the Order are heavily armored and ride armored warhorses.  The Black Knight is incapable of dispatching any of them, with the equipment he currently possesses.  I think we will try to avoid combat with the Order ... at least, for now.

During tomorrow, day 18, we will sell our excess equipment to the Order, and see if we can acquire both a Warhorse and the Black Knight's favorite weapon, the Morningstar.

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ScrivenerB said...

I just wanted to say thanks for posting this. As an old MR player (not for many years sadly) I'm finding this very interesting.