Friday, July 12, 2013

Magic Realm: Day 15

Day 15 in the Magic Realm will be much the same as day 14: we will spend the entire day looting the Guardhouse, safe in the knowledge that neither the Guard nor the Patrol will appear again, prior to day 21.  By then, the Black Knight will be long gone.

There are still five treasures scattered about the Guardhouse: a helmet, two breastplates, a shield, and the broadsword.  After today's looting, we will make our way to the Chapel, the home of the Order, and sell our surplus treasure to them, along with the Sacred Statue.

During day 14, the Black Knight recovered the Cloak Of Mist, a treasure that allows characters to record an extra Hide action each day.  He activated that Cloak at the end of day 14, thereby permitting him to record that extra Hide action during day 15.

During the planning portion of day 15, we record a Hide action, and four Search actions.  Obviously, we don't need to hide, as no one will appear at the Guardhouse today, but it's good to get in the habit of using all of your available actions.

On day 15, the prowling monster roll is a 6:  Bats.  I hate Bats.  They are too fast for the Black Knight to undercut, even with his alerted mace.  And they are too fast to avoid their attacks or run away from. The Black Knight has to line up with the Bat's move in order to kill it, while suffering at least one wound per round since the Bats always undercut the Black Knight's move.  If you are unlucky, Bats will wound you to death.  As we are in a Valley, the Black Knight continues to be safe from prowling monsters.  That will change once he strikes out into the wilderness to seek adventure.

Along with Bats, a roll of 6 also summons various quests and visitors to the Magic Realm.  Those visitors are the Warlock, the Scholar, and the Crone.  As you can see from the above chart, based on random  placement at the start of the game, the Warlock can appear with the Company, the Scholar with the Bashkars, and the Crone at the Toadstool Circle and Shrine. 

Players can choose where these are placed, rather than allowing random placement: if so, the Black Knight should, if he can, place the Scholar with the Patrol, since the Patrol visits the Inn, where the Black Knight starts the game, and the Guardhouse, where the Black Knight travels to collect some early notoriety and gold.  The Scholar always starts with three random magic items for sale, and you sometimes find he has just the right treasure to make your Magic Realm adventures more successful.

If we encounter the Bashkars we will keep a lookout for the Scholar. 

We failed to hide during our first action, rolling a 3 and 6.  No harm, as we are not expecting anyone to arrive at the Guardhouse. 

Our four Search actions result in rolls of 4 and 5; 3 and 5; 3 and 5; and 6 and 6, netting us just one more treasure, the broadsword. 

The last three searches were unsuccessful, because after the first successful search, there were only 4 treasures remaining, and we rolled fives and sixes.

There's little point in staying for an extra day for the remaining treasures.  They will net us gold if collected and sold, but we've already collected enough gold, and none of those treasures are of any great use to the Black Knight, since they are all medium armor, and the Black Knight already owns heavy armor.

Therefore, he will quit the Guardhouse tomorrow, and both day 16 and 17 will be spent travelling to the Chapel.

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