Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Magic Realm: Day 13

The Black Knight spent day 12 in the Magic Realm resting, recovering from his fatigue and wounds after battling the Patrol on day 11.

On day 13, the Black Knight records four search actions, looting the treasure dropped by the eliminated Guards and Patrol.

He recovers an axe, another mace, the Sacred Statue and the Gripping Dust.  The Sacred Statue is worth 10 fame, if sold to the Order.  With the fame from that recovered treasure (once sold to the Order) we have essentially won the game, as we only need to collect 10 fame to satisfy our victory conditions.  It will take us two days to travel to the Chapel, where the Order resides, following the route below.

The Gripping Dust is a one-shot treasure.  The Gripping Dust is played during combat, and your weapon stays alerted - until the end of that day, at which point, it gets discarded to the Warlock, one of the NPC's of the Magic Realm.  This is a nice treasure if you are facing multiple opponents and need to keep your weapon alerted to more effectively finish them off.

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