Thursday, July 11, 2013

Magic Realm: Day 14

As I mentioned on day 7 of our adventures in the Magic Realm, at the end of each week a different color of magic infuses the realm.  In addition, some of the Denizens and Monsters can re-spawn.  As today is day 14, the end of week two, Grey magic is available to spell-casters.  The Black Knight has no access to magic, so is unaffected by this feature of the game. 

On day 13, we recovered the Sacred Statue.  Some time in the next couple of days, we need to travel to the Chapel, and sell that to the Order, satisfying the last of our victory conditions.  For now, though, there are still 9 treasures to be looted from the Guardhouse.  We will spend at least one more day, and maybe two, recovering what treasures we can.

For day 14, we record four search actions.

Our prowling monster roll for day 14 is a 5, which is Spiders, and the Bashkars (who only show up at the Large and Small Campfires).  As none of those Monsters or Denizens have yet been killed, none are re-spawned to the Treasure set-up card.

We recover the following additional treasures on day 14 while looting the Guardhouse.

We recover a shield, and axe and a helmet, but the most exciting treasure is the Cloak Of Mist.  As I mentioned earlier, every character in the Magic Realm gets two actions per day, plus another two actions if they spend their entire turn above ground.  The Cloak Of Mist gives your character an additional Hide action each turn, in addition to the above-mentioned daily actions.

At the end of the day, during the combat encounter step, we activate the Cloak Of Mist.  That will allow us to record an extra Hide action, while we record our actions for tomorrow, in addition to our other four actions.

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