Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Magic Realm: Day 20

The Black Knight ended day 19 in the Deep Woods, at the reputed site of the Dragon's Lair.  On day 20, the Black Knight's plan is to search for the Dragon's Lair, and if successfully found, loot it until the Tremendous Dragon arrives and chases him away.

At the start of day 20, the Black Knight is hidden, as indicated by the green side of his character counter.  As there are no Dragons or Spiders about, we record four search actions and an extra hide action, provided by our Cloak Of Mist.

The prowling monster roll for day 20 is another 3:  Goblins and the Octopus.  Since neither inhabit the Deep Woods, that means we are safe from attack for at least one more day.

Our first search roll nets us two fives, so we find nothing.  Our second search roll is a 2 and 5, so we still find nothing.  Our third roll, a 4 and 5, so nothing again.  Our last search roll ... success!  We roll a 1 and 4, which means we locate the site of the Dragon's Lair.

There are seven treasures in the Dragon's Lair, three large and four small.  If we are lucky, we should be able to loot three or four of those seven treasures with relative ease, over the next day or two.  The last three treasures are difficult to obtain, not only because the probability of rolling a 1, 2 or 3 is low, but also because the treasures are guarded by a Monster we can't defeat, and so must spend extra actions dodging and hiding from.

Our final action, hiding, fails, as we roll a 3 and 6.  Thus , we end the day unhidden.  Not fatal, as no Monsters arrive to battle us.  We will spend tomorrow looting the treasures from the Dragon's Lair.

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