Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Magic Realm: Day 12

Yesterday, day 11 in the Magic Realm, was successful.  The Black Knight sold several pieces of equipment to the Patrol, and proceeded to dispatch them, amassing more gold, notoriety, and dropped treasure in the process.

He also suffered three points of fatigue and one wound.  Therefore, the Black Knight spends day 12 resting at the now deserted Guardhouse.  All four of his daily actions are recorded as rests.  Since he is on day 12, and the Guard and Patrol have been eliminated, he can rest easy, knowing that no other Denizens visit the Guardhouse.  The earliest a new set of Guards or Patrol will arrive is day 14, since Denizens can reset at the end of a week.

On day 12, after a full day of resting, there are still 13 treasures in the clearing, just waiting to be looted.  That will have to wait until tomorrow!


Tim Snider said...

Just a note that I've REALLY enjoyed this series of posts about MR. Used to own the game (brand new) but could never grok the rules as a kid. It's great to read about gameplay, how the rules fit together, etc. Inspired me to go look for a copy again.

Tony said...

I have to ditto Tim Snider's comments. I've owned the game for years and got the "legendary, lost" 2nd edition rules but never made it past trying the simplified "1st Encounter" rules with friends. I played in a PBEM game (as the Black Knight) but still never quite sussed the flow of the game's engine (or how the Black Knight should abuse the Guardhouse as you are showing here). Thanks for posting these.

Aaron E. Steele said...

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the series. I promise we will depart from the Guardhouse shortly so some other facets of the Magic Realm can be explored.