Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Magic Realm: Day 6

We had a pretty successful day 5 in the Magic Realm.  We collected an additional 27 notoriety -- six from killing Guard 1, twelve from killing Guard 2, and nine from killing Patrol 1.  We also pocketed 10 gold from looting their three bodies.

There are two Patrolmen alive at the Guardhouse, along with a stack of treasures dropped by the defeated Guard leader.

The Black Knight suffered one wound and fatigued three effort asterisks during day 5 combat, so he has 9/12 action chits remaining.  During day 6, our plan is to move back to the Guardhouse and rest.  We record one move and three rest actions.

At the start of the day, we roll for prowling monsters, and roll a 1: dragons.  Again, because we are in the valleys, we are safe from the prowling monsters.

We move to the Guardhouse and rest three times.  That allows us to recover three effort asterisks-worth of fatigue, so we return our MOVE H4** and MOVE M4* chits into our active chit stock.  That leaves us with one wounded FIGHT M5 chit still unavailable to us.

The Black Knight ends his turn, unhidden, at the Guardhouse.  With the other two Patrolmen still there, we roll to see whether the Patrol chooses to battle the Black Knight.  With a reaction roll of 3 the Patrol decide that discretion is the better part of valour, and elect not to battle the Black Knight.  That is just as well for us.  Once we have gathered up much of the treasure lying about, we will sell it to the Patrol and then finish them off, thereby re-acquiring the loot we just sold them.

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