Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Magic Realm: Day 26

The Black Knight's plan for the final week in the Magic Realm included visiting the Inn, to finish off the Rogues.  Yesterday's events are forcing him to revise those plans.

The most momentous of yesterday's events was the Black Knight's discovery of the Mouldy Skeleton in the Troll's Vault.  The Mouldy Skeleton treasure is accompanied by a curse.  In the Black Knight's case, he was cursed with Disgust, making his accumulated Fame worthless.  Since the Black Knight needs his Fame to win the game, and the only location that allows the curse to be reversed is the Chapel, he must travel there.

Therefore, the Black Knight's new destination is the Chapel.  There are only 3 days left before the end of the month and the game, and it will take the better part of 3 days to reach the Chapel.

The Black Knight suffered four points of fatigue during the previous two days of combat, with the Heavy Snakes, and then the Troll and Giant.  There is no time to recover that fatigue, if he wants to have the Disgust curse removed before the game ends.

The Black Knight has recovered a significant amount of treasure during his adventures in the Magic Realm, including the Cloak Of Mist, the Gloves Of Strength, and the Lucky Charm.  He is also in possession of several other treasures.  We have two extra actions, in addition to the ones needed to travel to the Chapel, so one of those two actions will be a trade action, to sell those extra treasures to the Order.

At the start of day 26, the Black Knight records four move actions, and an extra hide action, courtesy of the Cloak Of Mist.

The prowling monster roll for day 26 is a 4, so Giants and Trolls are active.

The Black Knight uses his four move actions to move to Deep Woods clearing 4, and attempts to hide.  With a hide roll of 4, the Black Knight's hide attempt is successful.

A Giant appears at the end of the day.  I had forgotten that the Stink M chit attracts both Spiders and Giants!  Fortunately, the Black Knight is hidden at the end of the day, so he will have little difficulty finishing the Giant.

During combat round 1, the Black Knight switch weapons, activating the Axe and stowing his Morningstar.

He's doing this to demonstrate that the Black Knight can use the lowly axe to defeat the Giant (his original weapon, the Mace, is ineffective against Giants, which is why defeating the Guards and obtaining an axe or sword from their loot is so critical to the Black Knight's strategy).

As the Black Knight is still hidden, he waits until combat round 2, and then alerts the Axe.

Playing his FIGHT H4** action in conjunction with the alerted Axe, the Black Knight kills the Giant.  The Axe does medium damage, with a "sharpness star" that increases its damage against unarmoured opponents by one harm level, and the heavy fight chit increases it one more level.  Therefore, the Axe does Tremendous damage, sufficient to kill the Giant.  The Black Knight's speed 4 attack undercuts the speed 5 dodge attempt of the Giant.  And the Black Knight's speed 4 attack strikes before the speed 5 and 6 attacks of the Giant, so we kill the Giant before its' attacks have a chance to connect.

Because the FIGHT H4** action is very fatiguing, the Black Knight suffers another point of fatigue.

As a result of that combat, we add another 8 Fame and 8 Notoriety to our accumulated victory points, leaving us with 64/10 Fame (once the curse is removed), 120/60 Notoriety, and 63/30 Gold at the end of day 26.

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