Friday, July 19, 2013

Magic Realm: Day 23

There are six days remaining before the end of the month, and the game.  The Black Knight has uncovered four of the seven treasures in the Dragon's Lair, including the Enchanted Meadow.  There are three remaining treasures in the Lair, too few to spend any more time looting there.  Therefore the Black Knight needs to travel elsewhere to seek additional treasure and opponents.

The Black Knight has seven options.  He could travel to the Ruins.  That location is immediate, but is somewhat distant from the Inn, where the Rogues are waiting to be routed.  The Cliff is closer to the Inn, and also gives him access to the tunnels under the High Pass.  The Ledges are just beyond the Inn, and could be the Black Knight's destination after he eliminates the Rogues.  The Borderland has yet to be explored, but visiting there may preclude a visit to the Inn.  And the Chapel is distant  as well, although the Black Knight could take out the Order and the visiting Lancers while he is there.

Given the options before him, the Black Knight decides to visit the Cliff, then the Inn, and if he has time, travel beyond, to the Ledges.

We record a hide action, and four move actions for day 23.

At the start of the day, we make our prowling monster roll, obtaining a 2.  That means that snakes and demons are prowling today.  Only Dragons and spiders reside in the Deep Woods, so we are safe today.

With rolls of double ones, the Black Knight's hide attempt is successful.  He moves four times, ending the day just at the border with the Cliff and the Evil Valley.  No monsters appear, and the Black Knight ends the day.

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