Sunday, March 23, 2014

Witch: Day 28

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The Witch has survived 27 days in the Magic Realm.  She awakens on Day 28, ready for one last chance to recover treasure and defeat monsters.

Sometimes Magic Realm games are wild affairs, with mad scrambles to the finish line, securing the last few victory points.  This game will end with a whimper, not a bang.  The Witch has already accumulated an impressive score of 41, all from defeating monsters while in Dragon form. 
As indicated at the start of this play-by-play, the Witch is a great Magic Realm character to select, as she can absorb the Tremendous Flying Dragon and defeat nearly any other monster in the game.  The strategy requires that the Witch quickly fly to distant parts of the realm and search, patiently, for the right absorb monster opportunity.

On her final day in the Realm, the Witch intends to continue looting the Octopus Pool.  Regardless of the monster roll, the witch will, using her second of two prepared black mana chits, transform, again, into the Tremendous Flying Dragon.  While in Dragon Form, the Witch will not suffer fatigue from looting the Octopus Pool.  If monsters arrive at the end of the day, the Witch will already be in Dragon form, ready to destroy them. 

It may be time for the Witch to adopt another familiar: her Cat has had poor luck, lately, with its hidden path search attempts.  Perhaps its eyesight is failing?

Witch: Search, Search, Search, Search
Familiar: Peer, Peer, Peer, Peer
The monster die roll is a 2: Serpents and Demons.  A disappointing Day 28 result, as no monsters will arrive in the Cliff.

The Witch's familiar fails all four peer attempts.  Sigh.  Time for Kitty to be given a soft pillow in some corner of the Witch's hovel, and a new more perceptive Black Cat brought into the fold.
The Witch uses her final black mana to transform into the Tremendous Flying Dragon, and then performs four loot attempts.  She recovers two more treasures from the Pool, the Map of the Ruins, and the Battle Bracelets.
The Map of the Ruins are useless to us, since it is the end of the game.  The Battle Bracelets are worth 2 Fame and 4 Notoriety.  The addition of the Battle Bracelets to the Witch's inventory, and the relatively minor increases in total fame and notoriety, increases the Witch's game score from 41 to 48.
Meanwhile, at the Inn: the Black Knight and Sorceror spend the last Day in the Magic Realm looting back the items they sold to the Rogues before they slaughtered them yesterday.  The exchange some gold with each other during the last phase of Day 28.  At the end of the Day, we calculate our final games scores:
The Sorceror and Black Knight racked up impressive scores, using the sell-kill-loot strategy, each finishing with a +22.  The Witch more than doubled their individual scores, with a +48.  As you can see, the Witch can beat even the powerful Black Knight/Sorceror team using her absorb essence strategy.

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