Friday, March 14, 2014

Magic Realm: The Gypsy

The Gypsy:  The Gypsy is a travelling fortune-teller who knows a little about a lot of different types of magic.  She can cast nearly any kind of spell - if she can obtain the right color. 

Meaning of Symbol:

Weight/Vulnerability: Light

Start at INN with 10 GOLD plus:
Three Spells (any except Type I)

Friendly:  Rogues, Bashkars, Crone
Unfriendly: Patrol, Guards

Special Advantages: 
1.  Charms: At Midnight, all of the Gypsy's prepared MAGIC chits become unprepared without fatiguing.
2.  Knowledge:  Roll 1 die for all Reading Runes rolls.

The Gypsy is the third of five new characters for Magic Realm.  I have already posted the Valkyrie and the Maiden.  I will post the Enchantress and the Huntsman soon.

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