Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Witch: Day 24

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The Witch begins Day 24 of her Magic realm adventures at the base of the Cliff. 

The Witch has dispatched the Imp, and all of the Heavy Spiders at the Cliff.  That leaves six Giant Bats and the Octopus still to be defeated.  Since the Witch selected Fame and Notoriety as her starting victory conditions, she is most interested in killing monsters.  However, the Pool, with its nine treasures, also beckons her from atop the Cliff. 

The Witch intends to kill the Octopus anyway, so searching for the secret passage leading to the Pool makes sense.  But before she can do that, the Witch needs to recover her black magic.  She will spend the entire day resting and converting her Type V chits into Black mana.

As the Witch's cat familiar successfully found the hidden path in the Crag, her next destination will be the Cliff and the hidden path there.

Witch: Rest, Enchant, Enchant, Enchant
Familiar: Move-Deep Woods 1, Move-Oak Woods 4, Move-Oak Woods 2, Move-Cliff 2
Day 24's monster roll is a 4: Giants and Trolls.  Giants do not appear in the Cliff, although Trolls are summoned to the Borderland.  It will be interesting to see what happens over there.

The Witch's familiar moves four times to Cliff 2 and ends her turn.  The Witch rests her fatigued Magic V chit and enchants both Type V chits, turning them into black magic.  The Witch is prepared for battle once more.  She ends her turn, and no monsters are summoned to the Cliff.

During Day 24's combat round, the Witch casts her Remedy spell.  She could not do this during prior days, as she transformed herself into the Tremendous Flying Dragon and could not cast additional spells while in Dragon form.  Now that she is in Human form, she can cast the Remedy spell to remove the Disgust curse laid upon her by the Imp.
The Witch chooses to cast a spell during the combat portion of the day.

She selects Remedy, and uses some Gray mana and a Magic VIII chit to power the spell.
She needs to select a target of her Remedy Spell.
She selects the Disgust curse cast upon her by the Imp.
Once the Witch selects the Digust curse, her Remedy spell removes the Curse.  The Witch now has all of her Fame restored, and with her Fame restored, she has a game score of 41.
Meanwhile, at the Borderland...
The Sorceror successfully hides in the Borderland and alerts her shortsword (she alerts this instead of a magic chit, as the Black Knight already advised her, at the start of the day, that he will arrive in the Borderland, so the Trolls appearing in the Sorceror's clearing will be moved to the Black Knight's clearing at the end of his turn). 

Two Heavy Trolls arrive in the Sorceror's clearing.  The Black Knight successfully hides and moves to Borderland 2, and the Heavy Trolls are re-located to his clearing.  He attacks the Trolls from hiding, dispatching both and suffering a single point of fatigue.

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