Sunday, March 9, 2014

Magic Realm: The Maiden

The Maiden: Princess or pauper?  Saint or Sinner?  Prophetess or Madwoman?  No one knows for sure.  But her presence on the battlefield raises the spirits of her allies and sows dissention and unease amongst the enemies to her cause.

Meaning of Symbol
"CROSS OF LORRAINE": Higher Authority

Weight/Vulnerability: Medium

Start at HOUSE or INN with 10 GOLD plus:
Staff, One Spell (Type I or V)

Friendly:  Soldiers, Company, Lancers, Scholar, Crone
Unfriendly: Patrol, Guard, Order, Bashkars

Special Advantages: 
1.  Battle Standard: When the Maiden and her followers are on same combat sheet, do not roll to change their tactics or attack direction.
2.  Holy Fervor:  Roll 1 die on all meeting tables.


Tony said...

I think you forgot, "Prophet or madwoman?" Nice way to put "La Pucelle" herself into the game and the Cross of Lorraine is a perfect icon. However, I am surprised that you didn't give her a suit of armor.

Aaron E. Steele said...

Prophet or madwoman? I'm adding it!

I was worried that the Maiden would be overpowered if she started with armor or a significant weapon.

To further moderate this character, i'm tempted to change her Fight H4* to a Fight H5.