Monday, January 2, 2012

Microgame Investment Opportunities

Instead of putting my money in Google shares, I should have bought a container of Metagaming's Invasion Of The Air-Eaters microgames.

In 1979, Air-Eaters retailed for $2.95. According to this top-rated eBay seller, the game is now worth $39.00.

That's a 9% average annual rate of return.

How's your RPG portfolio doing?


Orion said...

Considering I'm selling books for less than I paid for them, my RPG portfolio has lately been ... well, negative rate of return.

But it's Pathfinder books, so of course they aren't as valuable on the second hand market as retail price would indicate :P

Narmer said...

All of my old stuff has been to well loved to be worth anything.