Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Magic Realm: Enchanted Weapons

Earlier today, we looked at some of the regular weapons available in Avalon Hill's Magic Realm. We will now review the four enchanted weapons secreted amongst Magic Realm's scattered treasure hoards.

There are four enchanted weapons in Magic Realm: the greatsword, Bane; two broadswords, Devil and Truesteel; and the thrusting sword, Living.

If sold, each of those swords fetch 20 to 25 gold.

If kept instead, those enchanted weapons bestow renown on the possessor and are thus worth additional notoriety and fame. The Devil sword is particularly infamous, and is worth only notoriety. In addition and perhaps more importantly, these weapons are more effective in combat than their non-enchanted cousins.

The greatsword, Bane, can be found in the Crypt Of The Knight, along with a set of tremendous armor and the dead Knight's trusty (and apparently immortal) steed. Perhaps this is Dilvish the Damned's warhorse.

Looting the Crypt Of The Knight for Bane is certain to bring down one or more curses on the interloper, but it is generally worth it, particularly for the White Knight who benefits from the treasures waiting within.

While greatswords are normally heavy weapons, Bane is a tremendous weapon; the only one in the game. Only characters possessing tremendous move and fight chits can wield it. It has the same length (8) as the regular greatsword.

With a speed of 8, when unalerted, Bane is the slowest weapon in Magic Realm. But when alerted, Bane is also the fastest, with a speed of 2. The only creature that has a chance of dodging an alerted Bane is the Octopus; every other tremendous monster is toast. The only danger to the wielder is from missing with this weapon, while it is unalerted.

Devil is found resting within the Toadstool Circle, a potent source of black magic. A lovely place to visit if you are the Witch or Warlock, but generally to be avoided by the other visitors to the Magic Realm.

Questing for the Devil broadsword is verging on suicide. You are nearly as likely to die a horrible death, dragged into the pits of hell (this can and does happen in the game) as obtain this weapon.

Assuming you don't take my advice to avoid the Toadstool Circle, and somehow wrest this sword away from its resting place, Devil is a potent weapon. Being a heavy weapon, with a sharpness star that boosts its damage to tremendous, it can kill most Magic Realm creatures without overswinging. Despite its heaviness, this sword sings in your hand, with a respectable speed of 4 when unalerted, and a blinding speed of 3 when alerted.

Those without a tremendous fight chit cannot derive complete benefit from Devil, but any characters with heavy move and fight chits can still wield it.

In my estimation, the risks in obtaining Devil from the Toadstool Circle far outweigh the advantages.

We now come to everyone's favorite magical broadsword, Truesteel. Found in the Enchanted Meadow, along with a magical pony, you are in far less danger while searching for this weapon. The worst fate you will face is an annoying curse, easily lifted at the Chapel.

Truesteel can be wielded by Magic Realm characters with medium move and fight chits. It is unique for its keen edge, providing not one, but two sharpness stars. Thus, Truesteel is notable for being a medium weapon dealing tremendous damage. When overswung with a H or T chit, it dispatches any tremendous Magic Realm monster.

Truesteel's extra sharpness is a great advantage. Another is that Truesteel does not need to be alerted; its speed is always equal to that of the character wielding it. That is great advantage for fast characters, not so much for slower ones.

The Living thrusting sword and a large treasure are both found with the Remains Of The Thief. Wresting those treasures away from his remains brings down a curse.

Living is a quicker version of a regular thrusting sword. Instead of an unalerted speed of 4, Living is a speed 3. In addition, Living has a speed of 2 when alerted, allowing the wielder to preemptively slay nearly any medium denizen and large unarmored monster.

While Living is much quicker than its non-enchanted thrusting sword cousin, it still suffers from an inability to dispatch armored heavy monsters, an advantage that would have given this sword just the right amount of bite.

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