Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hunting Ogres With Will McLean

Here's another classic Will McLean Dungeons and Dragons cartoon: this time, he's spoofing on Metagaming's OGRE micro-game.

Two adventurers are standing in front of a sign, "Beware of the Ogre" and one is telling the other: "Boy, after that pair of giants and the nest of gargoyles, this should be a real pushover..."

Of course, the tread tracks from the Ogre (a cybernetic nuke-firing supertank) portend a grim fate for the two adventurers.


Padre said...

Thanks for the series of cartoon, I remember playing ogre back in the 80's. Was a fun game.

Telecanter said...

Yeah, thanks for these. I'm certain our doughty heroes will parley and get a ride to the nearest pig-nosed orc lair. :)

Kevin Mac said...

Having played the living hell out of Ogre (and Rivits, Chitin, etc) I can appreciate this!

Aaron E. Steele said...

@all: Ogre and the first dozen or so microgames were awesome. I remember getting GEV and playing the heck out of that as well.