Monday, April 12, 2010

Fat And Manky Orcus

Tim Brannan of The Other Side blog wrote a recent post on the history of Orcus, along with a conversion to Unisystem. His post is well worth a read.

He also posted the above illustration, which first appears in The Dragon Magazine, Issue 42, October 1980. He was not sure who the artist was, nor when it was published. The illustration is by an artist by the name of Todd Lockwood. This is perhaps my favorite Orcus illustration, showing Orcus sitting lazily on his throne: I can't be sure whether he is snoring or drooling.


Timothy S. Brannan said...


Thanks for the info and the link back!

I was going to have to dig up Dragon #42 tonight (and still will), but glad to know the what, when, where and who now.

And that picture is just totally metal.

Jim said...

Great pic. That's my kind of Orcus! Thanks!

trollsmyth said...

Wait, is that by the same Todd Lockwood who did a lot of the art for 3e? Doesn't look much like his newer stuff at all, if it is.

Chris said...

Fat and manky Orcus = good.
Fat and manky McPorcus w. bagpipes = great.

The Todd Lockwood illo is classic though. Pure witchfinder's fevered imaginings of a black sabbath.

MonteCook said...

I think that's probably my favorite Orcus too.