Saturday, February 22, 2014

Witch: Day 5

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The Witch finds herself back in the Ruins on Day 5.  She travelled here, by broomstick, discovering in the process that this tile is infested by Dragons and Serpents.  Retreating to the Cliff, she stumbled upon the Lost Castle, containing the Octopus' Pool and the Imp-guarded Statue, all swarming with Giant Bats and Spiders.  The Witch slipped away from the Lost Castle, back to the Ruins, resting twice while listening for, but never hearing, the roars and slithers of the Ruins' purported inhabitants.

The Witch is still looking for a Tremendous Troll or Flying Dragon to absorb.  Her plan for Day 5 is to sneak into the Cavern and discover if the Troll and Flying Dragon reside there.  She will record one Move, to Cavern 5, and a single Hide attempt.  The Witch can only perform two, instead of four actions today, because she is moving into a cave clearing, and so can only use the basic phases, not the additional two sunlight phases.
Meanwhile, the Witch's familiar, looking for the other campfire, travels two clearings to the Linden Woods and Peers twice.
Witch: Move-Cavern 5, Hide
Familiar: Move-Linden Woods 2, Move-Linden Woods 4, Peer, Peer

On Day 5, the monster roll is a 2: Serpents and Demons.  We will be ending our turn in the Cavern, so the Serpents living in the Ruins will not be summoned to the map (at least not for today).

The Witch's familiar moves to the Linden Woods and Peers twice, finding nothing.

The Witch sneaks into Cavern 5 and fails her Hide attempt.  At the end of her turn, the chits are turned over, revealing Stink C (summoning Trolls) and the Lost City!   
The Lost City is traded for five treasure and sound chits, Patter 2 and Howl 4 (summoning Goblins), Roar 6 (summoning Trolls and Land Dragons), Vault 3 (a treasure site, home to a Tremendous Troll) and Cairns 5 (another treasure site, and home to the Tremendous Spider).

Because the Day 5 monster die roll was a 2, no monsters are summoned to the Cavern today, to my great relief.  Monsters are summoned to the Cavern on monster rolls 1 (Dragons), 3 (2 sets of Goblins), 4 (all of the Heavy and Tremendous Trolls!) and 5 (Tremendous Spider).

While the Witch would be quite happy to absorb one of the Tremendous Trolls, both will be summoned on a 4, and both will move simultaneously once on the board.  She does not want to both absorb a Tremendous Troll and have to fight a second one at the same time!

This is another very dangerous tile for the Witch.  If the Goblins or Tremendous Spider arrive before she absorbs a Troll, the Goblins or Spider will kill her, as she is too slow to run from them.  Even though she would like to find one of the Tremendous Trolls and absorb him, she instead chooses safety, running from the Cavern during the combat round (she does this because it allows her to use all four phases next day; if she remains in the Cavern at the end of Day 5, she will only get two phases during Day 6).  Tomorrow the Witch will go searching for the Tremendous Flying Dragon, who is preferable to the Troll anyway.

Meanwhile, back at the Inn:  the Sorceror and Black Knight trade their loot to the two remaining Patrol, then smash and blast the Patrol into oblivion, gaining more notoriety, and releasing the traded treasures for another round of looting.

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