Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Magic Realm: The Valkyrie Part II

As mentioned in an earlier post, the Valkyrie is a variant character for Magic Realm, which I have based on the Captain character.  The Valkyrie is a harvester of brave warrior souls, often accompanied by wolves, crows and other battlefield scavengers.  She has the same chits as the Captain, but loses a Fight H5* and a Move M4* chit, replaced by Magic II3* and Magic VII4* chits, which can be re-purposed from one of the other Magic Realm characters.
The Valkyrie's starting chits are shown below.

She is a medium character, and begins the game with a helmet, breastplate and shield, along with a spear, 10 gold and one spell (type II or type VII).
The Valkyrie has two special advantages.  
Her first special advantage is that she can do an extra alert phase every day.  That extra phase comes in handy as the Valkyrie's spear needs to be alerted in order to inflict any damage. 
Her second special advantage is that she treats wolves and ogres as natives, neutral on the meeting, trade and hiring tables.  They do not automatically block her when she enters a clearing, instead rolling on the meeting table each time she enters or attempts an activity within their clearing.  If she ends her turn on their tile, they move to her clearing as per the normal rules, and the meeting table is consulted.  She can trade with and hire the ogres and wolves just like any other natives, buying and selling items with them, and paying one gold per monster to "buy drinks" for hiring purposes, with a hire price of one gold per notoriety point.  The pair of Ogres or pack of Wolves must be hired as a group.
She has the same relationships as the Druid.
As a result of the addition of the Valkyrie, a new Type II spell is added to the game.
Type II Spells
Flying Steed
Color:  Grey
Target: Horse Counter
Duration:  Day
This spell allows the target horse to fly, with the same weight and speed as is printed on the counter.  This can be cast on any horse, including horses owned by other Characters and Magic Realm natives.

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