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Witch: Day 1

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It's Day 1 of the Witch's adventures in the Magic Realm.  There are two other characters in this game, the Black Knight and the Sorceror, who have arranged the map with the valleys in close proximity, to facilitate their probable plan of initiating a kill-loot-sell strategy.  Employing that strategy is an efficient way to learn how to choreograph combats for various characters, racking up notoriety and gold in the process. 

All of the valleys are on the left side of the map and the wild areas are on the right.  This configuration will make things difficult for the Witch, as she will have few safe valleys to retreat to as she strikes out into the wild.  If you are just beginning to play the Witch, try constructing the map to give you valleys to retreat to, so you can retreat and prepare new spells.

The Witch's strategy is a dangerous one.  She has chosen Broomstick, Absorb Essence and Remedy as her beginning spells.  Using the Broomstick, she intends to fly to the Ruins, deep in the northeast corner of the wild area.  Then the Witch will quickly search for either the Tremendous Flying Dragon or the Tremendous Troll, absorb their essence, and transform into that monster to kill other monsters and natives, thereby racking up fame and notoriety.  The Witch will need to manage her chits carefully, to ensure she has black mana available when needed.  She would like to find a monster to absorb before Day 7, as she gets free black mana on Day 7 to power her spells.  This explains the urgency for locating a suitable monster to absorb.

While the Witch is looking for the Dragon or the Troll, her black cat familiar will be making a circle through the woods to the north, over the Ledges, and under the Caves and Borderland, assisting in the search.
On Day 1, the monster roll is a 4.  The Witch's familiar moves two clearings to the Maple Woods and fails both peer attempts, rolling a 6 for each.  The Witch moves three clearings to Bad Valley and successfully hides.  The Daylight phase of Day 1 ends, and we move to the Combat phase. 

The Black Knight and Sorceror engage in their combat first.  As expected, the Black Knight and the Sorceror conspire to eliminate the eight Rogues, with the Sorceror frying four Rogues with her Fiery Blast before Melting into Mist, and the Black Knight eliminating the remaining four Rogues, suffering four wounds and a fatigue in the process.

Now its the Witch's Combat phase.  Time to prepare her Broomstick.
During Round 1, the Witch chooses to Cast a Spell.
From her list of spells, she chooses Broomstick.
In order to activate her spell, she needs the proper ritual, V, and black mana (which she had already prepared prior to the beginning of the game).
The Witch needs to select a target for her spell.
She will be the target of the spell.  And, voila!  If you check your chits, you will find the Witch now has a Fly L1 chit active and ready to be used.

In addition, the other magic chit she used as black mana has fatigued, and is in the fatigued column, needing a rest action to bring it back into play.

The Witch ends the Combat phase, and Day 1 ends.  We are now ready to use our new Fly ability in Day 2 of the Witch's adventures in the Magic Realm.

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