Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More Tinkering With Resource Cards

Nothing to see here ... just some more tinkering with resource card structure, including card colors and the related attribute for each class.


Jon Hendry said...


Saw this, thought you might be interested:


In the article, the author makes hard plastic OGRE pieces using inkjet "shrinky-dink" film.

Aaron E. Steele said...

That's a really cool idea.

Jon Hendry said...

Here's something else that's really cool, if unrelated.


A site that lets you investigate Roman-era travel times, routes, and costs.

You can pick a starting point and a destination, and set various parameters, like military vs. civilian, what modes of travel to choose from (land, coastal water, deep water, rivers), and optimize for fastest travel, cheapest travel, or shortest distance.

Seems very useful for DMs thinking about world building questions, wilderness campaigns, etc.

Turns out they could get from Cartago to Londinium in about 26 days.