Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

We are celebrating Cinco de Mayo in typical Canadian fashion: shovelling snow. 

A week ago we hit 80 F (26 C), and the kids were outside drawing on the driveway with sidewalk chalk.  Now this. 

More reasons to love Canada ... eh?

With the wife travelling on business, i've been busy juggling work responsibilities and keeping the household running.  It'll be nice to have her back tomorrow, so I can return to my blogging.


infocyde said...

I feel for you. I lived in Michigan for a few years and it was a real bummer when snow hits again after you had a taste of warm weather. Even close to the border I hear you Canadians can still get hit with snow as late as June. It makes you tougher than most yanks eh?

Aaron E. Steele said...

Heck, we've had a foot of snow in August!