Saturday, June 5, 2010

ODnD And Its Progeny

I was quite pleased to see that my second Swords & Wizardry Whitebox arrived in the mail several days ago. It was accompanied by five extra S&W Character books. That gives me seven Character books and two Spell books for players to share. I had ordered the extra Whitebox on the off-chance (subsequently confirmed) that my 11-year old son would be intrigued and want to read and have these rules manuals for himself.

Indeed, I found him immersed in the Monster book on Thursday evening, so I think his interest has been piqued!

We're off to the properties for a couple of weeks in July. There are eight cabins owned by our extended family, on the Shuswap Lake, all within a 5-minute walk of each other, and most of his D&D-playing cousins and aunts and uncles will be around. Having the extra books will be a boon, as i'm trying to wean my extended family off of the later editions of D&D.

I will also bring along the ODnD Collectors Edition ruleset and supplements, which is the parent of the new Swords & Wizardry Whitebox. This is sure to act as further inducement to join in our little old-school D&D games: who doesn't love leafing through these old booklets while you're waiting for your turn to roll-to-hit!


Shane Mangus said...

This is very cool. If only I had a family that was into roleplaying games... Have fun at the cabin!

Bob Reed said...

One of the best things about the new S&W whitebox is that you can buy extra copies of the individual books for very little money. Have fun playing with your family! We had a big family D&D game last Thanksgiving and it was really fun!

Sean Robson said...

Best of luck with the S&W insurrection! I'm just in the process of switching my campaign over to S&W.

Arta Johnson said...

What kind of snacks is the grandmother supposed to supply to the players and dungeon master.


Your faithful kitchen servant

Aaron E. Steele said...


Ladies and Gents, my mother, international traveler extraordinaire!

Whatever the cousins and kids want, of course, though I believe Mountain Dew and Cheetos is traditional for D&D games.

Anthony N. Emmel said...

I'd like to pull off S&S (I have the white box as well), but I'm finding it very hard to breakaway from 1E. :)

Jim said...

I'm envious on so many levels. Enjoy your time away.

Aaron E. Steele said...

Thanks all.

I'm hoping to have computer access while at the cabin, so I can blog the game summaries.