Thursday, June 10, 2010

ADnD 2nd Edition: A Paladin In Hell Adventure

Yesterday, I was asked where the colorized illustration of A Paladin In Hell comes from, a fragment of which appears in my banner.

It is a painting by Fred Fields, who was a regular AD&D 2nd edition artwork contributor from 1990-1998. This painting graces the cover of the 1998 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons adventure, A Paladin In Hell, by Monte Cook.

The adventure itself has attracted mixed reviews: while it is not my all-time favorite adventure, it's not bad, but I had to buy it, if simply for the cover.

Incidentally, Emirikol the Chaotic makes an appearance in this adventure.


Brian Lujan said...

I'm playing this one right now. One of the DMs in our group converted it to Pathfinder. Not to give away any plot points, but we're on a ship traveling the plane on our way to the abyss (I believe). We're almost halfway through the adventure and haven't set foot off the boat yet.

This thing is bigger than the frickin' Love Boat!

John Williams said...

I'll have to get a copy and check it out. I remember when the module first came out, I thought it looked cool and promptly forgot about it. I want it just for Emirikol the Chaotic my favorite DM's guide pic of all time.

Do they stat Emirikol in the module? If they do, please post the stats I would love to see them.

Jim said...

The pic is an update of the Paladin pic from the 1e PHB, right? It looks familiar...

steelcaress said...

Ahh, Fred Fields...I like his stuff. It was pretty evocative at the time.

And a Monte Cook adventure, to boot. I may be an old grognard, but I'm willing to admit quality where I see it.

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