Friday, March 26, 2010

Magic Realm At Cal-Con 2010

I am running an introductory session of Magic Realm -- my favorite RPG/boardgame hybrid -- at the Calgary RPG Convention today (Friday, March 26) at 5:00 pm.

Cal-Con runs Friday through Sunday, March 26-28 at the Radisson Hotel on 16th Avenue, just east of Deerfoot Trail.

I had offered to run a Magic Realm session about a month ago, but had not heard anything definitive from the organizers about them scheduling a Magic Realm table. As I am reviewing the Cal-Con schedule, today, in advance of dropping by the convention, I see that Magic Realm is actually on the agenda, under strategy games.

So I am definitely attending Cal-Con tonight!

I had earlier offered to round up a couple of players, if I was permitted to run Magic Realm, but as I did not realize they had taken me up on my offer, I did not arrange for that. Perhaps I'll be running a solo game...


Chad Thorson said...

I've always wanted to try that game out. I've thought about buying it.

John W said...

Wow, Magic Realm, that really brings back memories. I wish I was in Calgary I would love to play.

Have fun.

P_Armstrong said...

I have been quite disappointed with the organization of the Con this year. I am still DMing a bunch of games tomorrow and Sunday and I am sure it will be fun but I heard yesterday about what games and when I am running. It has been a quite frustrating.

Aaron E. Steele said...

As you might surmise from my post, I was suprised to find out I was running Magic Realm.

I had a great time running this, but if I had known earlier, I would have rounded up a couple of extra players, and would have put together some nice handouts.

Wishing I was participating in your old-school D&D sessions.

I ran into Roger Carbol tonight. Not sure what game he was playing.

P_Armstrong said...

Well, I was very underwhelmed today and quite disappointed and frustrated. I scrambled the prep for the sessions that I was asked to help out with for the D&D tournament.

I showed up today and while all but one of the tickets for my OD&D game had been taken only one player showed up at the table.

After that I went and found the gaming organizer to confirm timing, etc for the sessions I was asked to run only to be told that I was no longer needed.


Aaron E. Steele said...

Not their finest hour.

I'd join your game tomorrow, but it's my daughter's 9th birthday party.