Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dungeons And Dragons: The Age Of Conan

There are several fellow-travellers in the old-school blogosphere who are posting about and playing Dungeons and Dragons, with a decidedly 'sword and sorcery' bent. Akrasia immediately comes to mind, as does Jason Vey of Elf Lair Games.

Both have posted their FREE versions of sword and sorcery house rules. You can find Akrasia's via a link on his blog.

Jason's version of sword and sorcery rules is a Conan mash-up for original D&D. You can find both his free Conan rules, and a sword and sorcery magic supplement here. Scroll down near the bottom of the page for both booklets.


The Lord of Excess said...

I'm sure most of you have heard about it ... but along the same lines. An absolutely brilliant old school style RPG that is also free ... Mazes and Minotaurs:

A Paladin In Citadel said...

Another great (and free) game!

Chris said...

Age of Conan uses the Chainmail combat systems (all three of them, depending on the situation). It is thus that most old school of things, an OD&D/Chainmail hack.

Atom Kid said...

I haven't read through all of it yet, but it's pretty well done!

Lord of Excess: M&M is great! I've had a hard time downloading stuff though.

Tim Brannan said...

If it is Conan and/or Chainmail then I trust Jason will do it right.

Nearly everything I know about Conan (the real one, not the movie or comic one) comes from him.

Jason said...

Wow, thanks! :D