Friday, October 23, 2009

Resource Cards: Production List

So far, I have completed and posted seven resource card sheets. That includes two armor sheets, two sheets of gems and coins, two equipment sheets, and a sheet of weapons, for a total of roughly 350 cards.

I have at least 17 more sheets in various stages of production. Many are just cards with item names at the top of the box, although I have populated some of those cards with images as well.

Here are some of the other categories of card sheets I am still in the midst of, or am considering, producing: Equipment, Weapons, Magic Armor and Shields, Jewelry, Lodging, MU Spells, Cleric Spells, Elf Spells, Rumors, Clues, Plot Points, Non-Magical Treasure, Magic Weapons, Potions, Scrolls, Miscellaneous Magic, Whimsy, Spell Components, Hirelings, and Special Abilites.

The Non-magical Treasure cards will include such things as pelts, artwork, spices, cloth, drink, and the like.

The Whimsy cards will be similar to the Ars Magica whimsy cards referenced here.

The special abilities cards may be similar to the 4e feats, or may simply be the special abilities possessed by certain classes or archetypes.

The Lodging cards will represent the sorts of places you might call home, such as a tent, hovel, barn loft, floor of a tavern, common room, Room at the Inn, Room at a House, Run of the House, Barracks, Cloister, Nunnery, Manorhouse, and so on.

There will be several sheets of miscellaneous magic items.

What have I missed?


Norman Harman said...

I love me some cards!

Critial hit deck? Deck of Wonder.

Traps, diseases and parasites. I put my treasure cards in envelopes which I hand to whoever gets to the treasure chest first. In with the treasure cards I mix in cards like

"Swooooosh" (roll DC15 Reflex save or set off spinning blade trap).

"Fleas!" (you now fleas -1 to all actions until "healed"

Terrain Cards: I use a lot of 3x5 cards. One color card is reserved for "Terrain". On each card I put some evocative words/phrases for each of the five senses. During play I glance at these cribs and use them to create vivid descriptions and distinct atmosphere for each terrain. Also any particular rules for that terrain such as encounter distance, exposure damage, drowning. Unique weather types. Environmental encounters such as "ice crevice", "rapids", "quicksand". (my random encounter tables include "environment" entries)

If you created printable cards would be cool to have image of terrain on back for reference. Picture = 1000 words and all that.

Some environment cards "Stony Desert", "Raging River", "Serene River", "Talos Plateau".

I don't use them but I can see usefulness of "encounter cards". Each card having a little more info detail than a line from encounter table. But not as much as various "sites & layers" type supplements.


4-24 pilgrims with 2-8 guards and 1d4 cleric escorts.

roll d6
1) Pilgrims are on way to shrine.

2) Pilgrims are returning home.

3) Being attacked by 1) brigands, 2) rival church, 3) monster 4) the demon they accidentally released.

4) Being used by criminal, king, etc. to travel incognito.

5) Actually group of brigands who will attack weak looking groups.

6) Follow evil/chaos god and were very worried about their lack of human sacrifices before the party showed up.

A Paladin In Citadel said...

Those are awesome ideas!

You don't mind if I incorporate that into the cards I am making?

Norman Harman said...

No, of course I don't mind. That is why I posted. You did ask

> What have I missed?


Oh, and if it wasn't obvious with encounter cards you "roll" an encounter by shuffling deck and drawing one.