Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fantasy Character Archetypes: Updated

I have updated my fantasy character archetypes list. In comments to an earlier post, mention was made of a Fencer needing Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence. In the moment, it did not occur to me that the comment might be in reference to the "Fence" archetype. I have added Fencer to the list, but wanted to clarify that by Fence, I meant someone who deals in stolen or illicit goods. They would have some ability to circulate with people from different social circles, and would know who was interested in buying what, in addition to knowing what things were worth and being adept at negotiating.

Perhaps I have the wrong word, what would you call those sorts of people?

Any other categories of character archetypes I have missed?

EDIT: I have updated the list, incorporating several suggestions, including Diplomat, Inquisitor, Squire, Jester, Champion, and several others.


Norman Harman said...

diabolist, summoner, cultist, demon/witch/vampire hunter, diplomat/aristocrat

What about mounted archer mongol type? Not sure what'd call em, raider?

And may I humbly suggest "Woodswomen" over "Woodsgirl"

The Rusty Battle Axe said...

I actually think it is fairly complete. "Fence" is the right term, I think.

You could always look through the 3.5 Prestige Class lists online, but many of those are not archetypal characters.

Duelist, minstrel, jester, squire, inquisitor, horsewoman, champion, hero, spy, dragoon, buffoon (the old Judges Guild Ready Ref Sheets had a buffoon character class).

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