Sunday, October 4, 2009

Psionicist Class: Draft


Psionicists are ordinary people who have been blessed (or cursed) with innate powers of the mind. They may have possessed this ability since birth, or may have developed their power more recently, as a result of an accident or other traumatic event. As a result, Psionicists tend to be loners, afraid of revealing their psionic abilities to others.

The prime attribute for Psionicists is Charisma. In order to play a Psionicist, a character must have a minimum Charisma score of 9. If Psionicists have a Charisma of 13+, they receive two +5% experience point bonuses (one for having a high Charisma, and another for having a 13+ in their prime attribute).

Psionicists are otherwise ordinary people. Therefore, they use a d6 for hit points.

They may use any armor, shields and weapons.

Psionicists begin with one "wild talent" at first level. After you have created your character, roll a d10 to determine what your wild talent is, by consulting the following table. However, for every point of Charisma above 9, you may eliminate one wild talent from the following table. If you roll an eliminated result, simply roll again, until you roll a wild talent that you have not already eliminated. Of course, this means that if you have a Charisma of 18, you may pick your beginning wild talent.

Wild Talents
1. Affect Normal Fires
2. Body Weaponry
3. ESP
4. Limited Invisibility
5. Precognition
6. Psionic Blast
7. Shocking Grasp
8. Suggestion
9. Telekinesis
10. Limited Teleport

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Stephen said...

Actually, mystics (which was the original class name) start with body weaponry and then progress through the eight major psionic powers, picking up the minors randomly.

At least originally.