Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Wizkids Miniatures Tyranny of Dragons Red Dragon For Sale

I picked up a case of the new Wizkids Tyranny of Dragons Dungeons and Dragons miniatures over the weekend. 

There are several figures that I don't need, including an extra rare Red Dragon miniature.  I have several other extra miniatures from that case as well. 

I'm in St. Albert, a suburb of Edmonton, so some shipping costs can be saved if you are in Edmonton and surrounding area and are looking for a Red Dragon, or one of several other miniatures from this set of minis. 

The Red Dragons are selling for around $30 from the online retailers, but if you can find a lower online price, send me a link, and I might consider letting it go for less.


Boric G said...

You know I'd throw a request your way, but I just pulled my own rare red.
Of course, if you have other minis, I could throw you a few shekels. What else did you have up for grabs?

Aaron E. Steele said...

Give me a couple of days as I'm sorting through my keepers vs. extras. Should be able to firm up my extras list by Saturday night.