Friday, September 19, 2014

Alahazra in The Pathfinder Skull And Shackles ACG Base Set

If you decide to purchase the new Paizo Pathfinder Adventure Card Game (PACG), Skull And Shackles Base Set, I highly recommend you include Alahazra in any adventuring party your organize.

In PACG, each player takes turns sending their character to an adventure location and attempting an encounter.  An encounter consists of turning over the top card in the adventure location deck, and following the instructions on the card.

Alahazra's special ability is to look at any card on the top of any adventure location deck.  She can do this multiple times during her, and any other player's turn, as long as she has the spell cards necessary to power her ability.

This ability allows her to see what the encounter will be, before a character is sent to any location.  As a result, the active player can send their character to the encounter they are best equipped to deal with, rather than blindly flipping  a card and discovering you are unsuited for that encounter.

A super-powerful ability, and one that every PACG adventure party should take complete advantage of.


jrl755 said...

Hmmm. Sort of reminds me of the Prophetess from the original Talisman. Super powerful. So much so that we removed her.

Aaron E. Steele said...

The difference, I suppose, is that Talisman is a competitive game while PACG is a cooperative one.

But the observation is valid; Alahazra makes it significantly easier for a party to win if she uses her "peer into the future" ability.

Lee B said...

Since the location cards tell you how to close and what mix of encounters await, it isn't tough to decide who goes where. I'd rather draw a larger card hand size and do more myself.