Friday, September 5, 2014

Gencon 2014 Post-Mortem

Gencon 2014 was an amazing experience and one that ended too quickly. 
The squire and I made it a bit of a father / son trip, with him spending most of his time admiring the cosplayers with his American girlfriend, and me checking out all of the new board and roleplaying games.  I have about 250 photos on my phone, but the battery died and I was left without a camera for the last couple of hours, during which I had intended to take more pictures. 
I will try to post some of the photos I did capture in the next couple of days.
There were tons of new games that were released at Gencon.  Considering that I had to fly back to Canada at the end of the convention, I only purchased 1/4 of the games I was interested in, including the new Dungeons and Dragons, Cash and Guns, and Thunderstone.  The rest of my purchases will have to wait until the games are released to the retailers. 
One game that I desperately wanted to purchase, but was just too massive, was the new Skull and Shackles Adventure Card Game from Paizo.  That Pathfinder game is a handful, and my luggage was already bulging from the new Thunderstone sets and several other game releases.
I'm tempted to bring the entire family if we attend Gencon again.  The costume vendors, cosplayers, and general enthusiasm of the gaming attendees made our trip a real pleasure.  If we do attend again, we will not get too hung up with having a hotel room downtown.
More regarding Gencon once I have a chance to download the remaining photos from my phone.


Adam Dickstein said...

Sorry, I couldn't read anything you wrote after seeing that incredibly attractive blonde in the white and black outfit. Something about GenCon perhaps.

I'm not sure. I just keep going back to the picture. Again, and again, and again...


Glad you guys had fun. Looking forward to going myself next year. It's been too long.

The Happy Whisk said...

Glad you and your boy had a good time.

Roger G-S said...

I did get a chance to play Skull & Shackles. It's intense ... and hard to win! Hope to catch you next GC.

Obiri said...

Every year I debate going to Gencon. I've heard horror sotries about the crowds and the lines and so I haven't bothered yet. Someday maybe.