Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Alahazra and Delays in the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game OPP

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game organized play program participants received some not altogether unexpected bad news yesterday ... the organized play program launch has been delayed until October 1, due to difficulties with the printing and distribution of the character class decks and OP materials to retailers.

I say the news is not unexpected.  It's been obvious, from official announcements and rumblings within the fanbase, that Paizo has been encountering difficulties with the printing and distribution of the new Skull and Shackles materials for several weeks now.  In my opinion, their difficulties have been compounded by a, frankly, too aggressive adventure release schedule, with planned monthly adventure releases.  

While their fans remain in a holding pattern, Paizo has thrown them a bone by way of an advance peek at the new Alahazra digital miniature sculpt (see above) and a promotional item card for the Skull and Shackles game.

I'm impressed with the new digital character render previews for the Pathfinder iconic characters.  The first set of six minis didn't impress me as much as the second set of six though.

I'm planning to participate in the organized play program at the local game store, and I'm not all disappointed by the delay, as it buys me some time to get better acquainted with the PACG system.

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