Saturday, February 11, 2012

The More I Post At WOTC, The Stoopider I Get

I can objectively demonstrate that posting on the WOTC D&D fora actually reduces your intelligence.

To wit:

Einstein and Hawking are two of the smartest guys that ever lived.

They never posted on the WOTC D&D fora.

Therefore, we assign them a score of 0, for no posts.

The more a person posts on the WOTC forums, the less time they have to become an Einstein or Hawking. Therefore, the WOTC poster's potential for genius is inversely proportional to their number of posts.

Thus, we take the inverse of the WOTC poster's posts to represent their potential for genius.

Since Einstein and Hawking have 0 posts on the WOTC fora, we take the inverse of their posts, which is 1/0, so they receive an infinity score on the genius potential scale.

For me, i'm up to post 37, which means i'm already down to 1/37 on the genius potential scale, or 0.027.

I'm getting stoopider by the minute.


Sean Robson said...

I think that there is a flaw in your premise, as time spent doing nearly anything could prevent you from becoming Einstein/Hawking.

I think we need to borrow a page from Hawking to truly explain the observed phenomenon: the WotC fora project an event-horizon of ignorance from which no rational thought can escape. You actually become dumber as your proximity increases until it finally sucks you in and tears your intellect asunder.

This raises the question: what the heck are you doing on WotC fora?

P.S. Word Capture: Pensivir - what you feel when confronted by idiots on WotC fora.

Unknown said...

Between the rabid fanboi drivel and the ranting barely coherant mouthbreathers, The fact that a person would periodically check the WoTC forums in hopes of finding something worth reading is a testament to that persons optimism.

The WoTC forums are like a black hole of stupid.