Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First Fantasy Campaign: Only $7.98

One of the items on my Christmas wish-list was the Judge's Guild Ready Ref Sheets. I discovered they are available as a pdf download from RPGNow for only $3, and I figured it would be a great stocking-stuffer.

While I did not get the Ready Ref Sheets for Christmas, I did recently purchase them for myself. After all, at roughly the same price as a premium cup-a-joe at your favorite coffee-house, you're gonna get a lot more enjoyment out of the Ready Ref Sheets.

Perusing the Ready Ref Sheets, I come across the ads at the back. One of the ads is for the First Fantasy Campaign sourcebook, by Dave Arneson, only $7.98. If any of you are thinking of doing a little time-travelling, would you mind picking me up a copy on your way back?


Atom Kid said...

As long as my Delorean can still produce 2.21 gigwatts, I'll be able to make it back to 1976.

Havard: said...

Hehe! The FFC for that price would be worth the discomforts of time travel! :)