Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Magic Realm: Dismal Swamp

In addition to Hill, Forest and Ruin tiles, I envision a set of five Swamp tiles for an expansion to the Magic Realm game.  The Swamp tiles would be for travel and would also contain some monsters typically found in swamps (Snakes, Ogres and the like).  It would also be the location of the Hut, the abode of the Hags.

Here's an example of a swamp tile (the Dismal Swamp).

The swamp texture is okay but could be better.

And here is a draft of a Barrows tile.  It's a work in progess, as I'm not happy with the lack of secret passages or hidden paths, but not sure where to place one.


faoladh said...

To me, the obvious one would be Secret Passage from 4 to 6.

Aaron E. Steele said...

Good suggestion.