Wednesday, May 21, 2014

DnD 5th Edition: Starter Set Artwork

There's not much to be said for the contents of the DnD 5th Edition Starter Set, since WOTC has yet to reveal those details, although we know it will contain a 32 page player manual and 64 page referee manual. 

We also know what the cover will look like.  Thoughts on the cover?  It does not stray far from the Basic Set covers that have come before, but does it capture the essence of Dungeons and Dragons? 

While it fails to satisfy my standards for Dungeons and Dragons art, I leave it to you to draw your own conclusions.

Here are Basic Dungeons and Dragons Set covers, from the preceding versions, which I display in reverse order of publication.




Anthony Simeone said...

I AM perplexed as to why the D&D logo is so small at the top. Don't like that very much. I like the art fine but it ain't Larry Elmore!

Joseph said...

I actually kind of liked it. It has action and is a homage to classic covers. If nothing else I liked seeing a dynamic use of a shield.