Monday, May 19, 2014

Fixing My Catan Board

I almost backed the Settlers of Catan Board Kickstarter.  In the end I decided to wait for the board's retail release.  The economics of the kickstarter project seemed too optimistic, considering the amazon and kickstarter fees and shipping costs.

I finally bought a 6-player board from one of my favorite retailers, The Sentry Box in Calgary, while we were there visiting  friends.  The catan board is great, but it is a uniform blue color, where the interior hexes should be tan to match the resource tiles.

To fix this, I picked up some spray paint, taped the edges, laid down some spray paint, and ended up with the board, below.  The blank catan tile on the right was used for color matching, as we had a challenging time finding the right tan color to match the original catan tile components.

I think we did pretty good at matching the color, and now we've got a nice portable catan board for game nights.

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Greg Gorgonmilk said...

Oh, man, that board looks awesome! I need, I need.