Friday, April 25, 2014

Magic Realm: Treasures Boots and Gloves

Here are some ideas for new Magic Realm Treasures.  They are variations on the Treasures currently in the game (in that they are boots and gloves representing move and fight chits) but they have interesting twists.  The Spiked Gauntlet is a handy treasure for those magical characters who do not begin the game with a weapon.  It is one of two Gloves cards that are not of negligible weight.
The Bravura Boots are worth 5 Fame (that may be a little high) since they are quite flashy.  The Galumphing Shoes are loud, so they come with a penalty to hide attempts, as well as a notoriety penalty (people laugh at you as you galumph past them).  The Iron Gauntlets are medium weight and can be employed in conjunction with the Throwing Hammer (which I have not yet introduced) to increase the throwing hammer's harm.

The Antique Vintage is a valuable cask of wine that allows you to roll 1 die on meeting tables for the day, if you activate it at the start of your turn, plus helps avoid battles during the combat round.

Bottle of the Four Winds is a readied Hurricane Winds spell that can be used during your turn or during combat and works just like the spell of the same name.

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