Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Three-Dollar ADnD Players Handbook

Sometimes its just a matter of right place, right time. 

I've mentioned before that there are a couple of charity booksales in Calgary, one sponsored by our local public radio station, CBC 1010, and the other by our local daily newspaper, The Calgary Herald.

I took a couple of hours off, yesterday to visit the Calgary Herald booksale, and came across this almost pristine copy of the ADnD Players Handbook.  I'm not sure that it has even been opened, as the binding was so tight it made a soft cracking sound when I opened it.

And they sold the PHB to me for $3.


JB said...

You lucky so-and-so...that is FANtastic!

paulg said...


evildm said...

What a feeling! I'm with you my friend. Charity booksales & Thrift stores are gods gift to gamers.

Anthony Simeone said...

Awesome! As famed basketball coach Dick Vitale says, "Serendipity, baby!"

Zenopus Archives said...

I once found the first four 1E hardbacks (PHB, DMG, MM and D&DG) at a library book sale for 75 cents each. This was actually the day after the main sale so these were the leftovers that nobody wanted!

Tedankhamen said...

Boggles the mind! Good on ya! I got the RC for $9 a few years back in a 2nd hand bookstore.

Felt good.

Anonymous said...

And those are Canadian dollars, to boot.

The least I ever paid for a D&D hardcover was $2.50 at Value Village.

I like to think of how that recycled PHB helped the community :)