Sunday, June 3, 2012

At The Risk Of Fanning The Edition Wars...


Arkhein said...

He may be right . . . but I don't think that argument will be effective at winning hearts and minds.

Not that it was meant to. :)

- Ark

Aaron E. Steele said...

I see it as a plea rather than an attack.

Black Vulmea said...

In my experience, D&D players who didn't start as wargamers failed to understand D&D, which is why D&D was repeatedly reinvented to accomodate non-grognards.

And that leads me to a question. Just which iteration of D&D do 4e players not know how to play?

Kirath said...

Saying someone doesn't "know how to play" D&D is a pretty bold and elitist statement. I come from the "I'm with D&D - any edition" crowd, not having a favored edition, well maybe 2nd Edition. But this is the type of elitism that has lately turned me off to the OSR "movement."
I'm really excited about the playtest materials and my group is having a blast and most of us have been playing since the late 80's.

Arkhein said...

So I took a look again, and I'm not too sure who he's pleading with - the old farts or the new punks. It sounds like he's singing to the choir while insulting the dudes in the pews by saying that 'they just don't know how to play D&D.'

We come to role play from different points of view, having different needs, and with different expectations.

They don't know how to play *my* D&D. They know how to play their own. Each one is different, and each can be okay.

- Ark

Aaron E. Steele said...

Kirath, what or who, exactly, is the OSR movement?

Are you referring to the people (like yourself) who are dissatisfied with the current (4E) version of DnD?

The videoblogger you are calling an elitist OSR type is into AGE, Savage Worlds and Pathfinder, not old-school DnD.

Irolldice said...

I would say, roughly, half of the maybe a dozen people I know who are actively playing 4e actually came from 2e or even earlier editions. They largely skipped 3e.

Just my observation.